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Cooper’s specializes in converting oil-fired heating systems over to electric in Newfoundland. Oil to electric furnace/boiler conversion is the process of removing your oil-fired furnace/boiler and replacing it with an electric furnace/boiler unit. In this application, the oil-fired furnace/boiler and oil tank are removed from the home and disposed of.

If your home has a hot water radiation system, an on-demand electric boiler ( referred to as a “furnace” to some) is installed and uses the existing heaters ( or in-floor piping system ) to distribute the heat throughout the home. If your home has a forced air system, an electric furnace can be connected to your existing ductwork. The key component to making the switch from oil to electric is ensuring that there is enough capacity in the electrical panel to accommodate the installation.

Every home is different, and the KW size of the electric furnace/boiler required depended on several factors. The home may require an electrical upgrade if there is not enough space in the panel. Once the KW size of the furnace/boiler is determined, it would be recommended to consult with a certified electrician to assess the electrical requirements. Government rebates may be available to homeowners who make the switch from oil to electric.

Benefits of Converting from an Oil to Electric Furnace

Electric furnaces / boilers are 100% Efficient

Better for you, your family, and the environment.

Quite, Clean, Comfortable

What Our Customers Are Saying

glen antle
June 6, 2024
Removed oil furnace for electric. Very professional, tidy and efficient.
Tom Horrocks
June 6, 2024
Coopers Heating are the absolute best heating and plumbing contractors that we have ever worked with. Shawn and his staff are extreme knowledgeable about all aspects related to their business. They have always provided reliable and friendly service when we have required their services. They are very dependable for emergency calls to provide a prompt response.
Doreen Saunders
June 6, 2024
Excellent work, timely and efficient. Team members worked well with each other. We are very pleased!
keith dawe
May 22, 2024
Awesome people to work and deal with... highly recommended!
Jon Q
May 11, 2024
Cooper's Heating Solutions Inc provides 5-star service every step of the way from the initial phone call to the final payment. I highly recommend them to anyone needing help with their heating needs!
KS Winsor
May 7, 2024
Cooper's Heating Solutions were absolutely amazing. They were efficient and were very considerate of our needs. They installed a mini split system with 3 heads and removed our oil furnace and oil tank all in 2 days. They were very attentive to detail and their pricing was very competitive to other companies. I would highly recommend this company.
Joe Ann A
April 9, 2024
Honestly the best experience possible. They made it possible to have installation done faster so that we didn’t have to wait months. They were fast the crew that came to my house were all professional and friendly. Would recommend to any one. 10/10.
Andrea Deane
April 9, 2024
Very lovely group of people. They were easy and quick to contact, answered all of my questions, and super understanding. Would highly recommend !

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Have Questions? We Have Answers

Is an electric furnace more efficient than an oil furnace?2023-10-24T11:15:02-02:30

Electric furnaces are generally more efficient in converting energy to heat than oil furnaces. Electric systems can achieve nearly 100% efficiency since all the electricity consumed is converted into heat. Oil furnaces, while efficient, may lose some energy in the combustion process. However, the overall efficiency depends on each system’s specific models and maintenance.

Contact us to discuss your specific situation, and we can determine the most suitable and cost-effective heating solution for your needs.

Is an electric furnace cheaper than oil?2023-10-24T11:14:10-02:30

The cost comparison between an electric furnace and an oil furnace involves various factors, such as the local cost of electricity and oil, the efficiency of the systems, and the insulation of your home. Electric furnaces can sometimes be more cost-effective, especially with advancements in energy-efficient technologies.

Is it worth switching from oil to electric heat?2023-10-24T11:13:42-02:30

Switching from oil to electric heat can be worth it for several reasons. Electric heating systems are often more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly and can result in long-term cost savings. Additionally, electric heating eliminates the need for on-site fuel storage, reducing the risk of leaks and environmental contamination associated with oil.

Can you convert an oil furnace to an electric furnace?2023-10-24T11:13:14-02:30

Yes, converting from an oil furnace to an electric furnace is possible. This process involves removing your oil-fired furnace/boiler and replacing it with an electric furnace/boiler unit.

In this application, the oil-fired furnace/boiler and oil tank are removed from the home and disposed of. The feasibility of the conversion depends on factors such as the electrical capacity of your home, the heating needs, and the existing infrastructure.

What is the difference between a furnace and a boiler?2023-05-25T17:37:11-02:30

Furnaces distribute heated air through a house using ducts, while boilers heat water and distribute it through baseboard radiators or in-floor heating. It is quite common for homeowners to refer to their oil-fired or electric hot water unit as a furnace. We get it and understand what you mean when you call it a furnace!

Is there a warranty included with a new furnace or boiler?2023-03-27T16:07:27-02:30

All heating products we install come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, Cooper’s also offers a 12-month labor warranty.

Why should I pay to maintain my furnace?2023-04-18T11:42:59-02:30

An annual inspection, cleaning, and, maintenance of your heating boiler/furnace, will ensure the system is working to its potential. This can also help to reduce unexpected breakdowns during the heating season. Regular maintenance will also help the longevity of the boiler/furnace and distribution system.

Furnace/Boiler manufacturers do recommend annual inspections and regular maintenance by a technician. In addition, their manufacturer warranty terms are very clear about damage caused by lack of maintenance. Annual inspections can also find small problems that can be rectified before they turn into major issues.

Is converting from an oil to electric furnace expensive?2023-05-25T17:39:03-02:30

The cost of converting from an oil to electric furnace can be different for every home, however, the best way to determine a more accurate price would be to consult one of the professionals at Cooper’s, for an estimate. There are several advantages to switching over from an oil-fired system to an electric one. Government rebates may also be available to help alleviate some of the costs when switching.

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